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Seminars and Conferences

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  Seminars and Conferences


  The Iranian Tunnelling Association holds monthly seminars in which experts from the industry and university lecturers make presentations of the latest developments in the field of tunnelling. Videos of Seminars, Workshops and other presentations held by IRTA are available at its central office.

  Another activity of IRTA includes holding national and international conferences. The list of Tunnel Conferences hold in Iran are as follows:


  List of Tunneling Conferences held in Iran

 10th Tunnelling Conference of Iran (Nov 2013) “Underground Space and the Millennium Development Goals”

  · First Asian and 9th Iranian Tunnelling Symposium (November 2011) “Underground Space for Sustainable Development”

  · Eigth Tunnelling Conference of Iran (May 2009) “Underground Space for the Environment and Energy”

  · Seventh Tunnelling Conference of Iran (July 2006) “Underground Spaces Science and Technology Development”

  · Sixth Tunnelling Conference of Iran (January 2004)

  · Fifth Tunnelling Conference of Iran (November 2001)

  · Fourth Tunnelling Conference of Iran (July 1998)

  · Third Tunnelling Seminar (June 1987)

  · Second Tunnelling Seminar (November 1985)

  · First Tunnelling Seminar (November 1984)



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