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Ahmadi bafandeh in conversation with young journalists club;
 Tehran Metro will rank 9th in the world by the end of the year 96.Subway  development is the only way to control metropolitan traffic.

Managing Director of Tehran subway operations Company said Tehran subway, by the end of the year, has the ninth place of the world in terms of its length.
Mohammad Ahmadi Bafandeh, Managing Director of subway Operations Company in Tehran and Suburbs, said in a conversation with the reporter of the urban group of the Social Group of Young Journalists, arguing that the registration of a consortium formed by the government as a source for the integration of the metro system throughout the country, stated:
Tehran subway has the ninth position of the world in terms of the length of the line by the end of the year 96, which has been developing not only in the subway of Tehran but also in the subway of other metropolises of the country and has created a great and reliable market for domestic producers.
He said the railroad extension would be necessary for sustainable development, adding that railroad train could carry 1,125 times more than a passenger car, which shows that the only way to control traffic in metropolises is metro development.
Ahmadi Bafande, pointing out that the subway industry is one and young industry with a unique future ahead of it, added:The quality and standard of the subway parts is very important and we can not play with people's lives, hence, we need to integrate into the production of better parts among the producers in the country.
Managing Director of Metro Operations Company of Tehran pointed out at the end: Subway speed and headway  are not even comparable to railways, because every 4 minutes a train with several thousand passengers enters the fleet, so this industry needs more attention from the government and other related parts to strengthen it.

Date: 96/06/18

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