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Commencement of the construction of the first section of the 10 metro line

The CEO of Metro Company said: the construction of the first section of Metro Line 10 will officially begin by the end of next week at a ceremony that will be attended by the Mayor of Tehran.

According to Mehr News Agency, Ali Emam, CEO of Metro Company, also added: “The construction of Tehran Metro Line 10, as one of the new lines of this network, is planned in 5 operational phases, the first section of which starts from “Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake Square” and ends at the “Book Square” will be 14.5 km long. The executive operation of this section starts with drilling the entrance shaft of the mechanized digging machine (TBM) from the station called Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake Square, and the next section will follow in due time.”

The CEO of Metro Company also mentioned: "The process of drilling and construction of tunnels on Line 10 will mainly be carried out with a full-face mechanized drilling machine.  Hence, it is expected that the construction of this section will at least take 4 years to be build if required financial resources are provided in time. The sequence and construction process of other parts of Line 10 have also been considered, and we hope that the executive operation of the second section of this line, which extends from the Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake Square to Wardavard, with approximately 6 km length, will begin shortly after the beginning of the first section."

It should be mentioned that Tehran Metro Line 10 is one of the 4 new lines of Tehran’s metro network, which was approved in February 2019 in the capital's comprehensive rail transportation plan, and will be implemented by Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro) by June 2021.

This line with a total length of 43 km with 35 stations, starts from the Kosar Aqueduct Area (North East of Tehran) and will connected to Wardavard station from Tehran metro line 5 (West of Tehran).

Date: 5th of May 2021
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