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  Dez river to Qomroud river conveyance tunnel

  The aim of the water conveyance tunnel of Dez river to Qomroud river is to transfer water from Dez river to the central parts of Iran. The Dez to Qomroud water conveyance project consists of three main parts including conveying tunnels with a total length of 49.1 km, ponds and 6 diversion weirs, the Kouchari dam, and about 107 km of water pipeline. The tunnels are divided into 7 sections of which 5 with a total length of 45 km are excavated fully mechanized and 2 sections with a length of 4 km are excavated using conventional methods.



  Karaj-Tehran water conveyance tunnel

  The water conveying tunnel from Karaj Reservoir to Tehran’s water filtering plant No. 6 in the northwest of Tehran consist of a circular tunnel with a total length of 30 km and constructed in two sections. The project starts from the northwestern part of Tehran and continues towards the northwest along the Alborz mountain chain up to the Karaj reservoir. The length of first section is approximately 16 km and the length of second section about 13.5 km. Excavation was carried out with a double shield TBM. The excavation diameter was 4.665 m and the final tunnel diameter 3.9 m.


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